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Live Happy. Live Wild.

Be Free.


It is Possible.

The storms in our lives can help us go deeper.  

In the midst of them though, this can be difficult to see.

My name is Sonia Voldseth. I'm a holistic life coach, and therapist.  

I help people through the storms.

If you are struggling, contact me today.  I'd like to help.


Sonia’s wisdom, support and unwavering belief in me has helped me focus on my dreams in life. The sessions came with effective strategies that helped me with my confidence and my self belief. I re-evaluated where I was and where I was going. A very happy client.
— Paul Ashworth, Father, Web Developer, Nature Enthusiast
Sonia’s holistic methods fitted perfectly with my feelings and other treatments following serious issues with depression and anxiety. With Sonia’s friendly guidance and open nature, I’ve made fantastic progress and have learned many new techniques. You are a fantastic coach, Sonia, and I thank you with all my heart.
— Ian Moore, Engineer/Mental Health Help Volunteer, Queenstown
Sonia is passionate, sincere and humorous and I firmly believe that she offers something that all of our minds and in turn behaviours can benefit from, regardless of what stage we are at.
— Ginny Kennedy, Mother/Farmer/Wellness Warrior, Halfway Bay, NZ
Sonia was really easy to follow and I loved that we jumped right into the work each time and made a ton of progress.
— Sarah Hereim, Mother, Life Coach, Mental Health Advocate. Montana, USA

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