Businesses don't grow.  People grow.  So when you invest in you and your team,  you create a culture shift AND you increase your bottom line.  It's a win/win.

When leaders and teams are less stressed, they focus.  Therefore, they are more productive.

It's common sense, right?

But it takes a real leader to recognise this -  and it takes intent to create a culture in which that can happen. 

EQ can be developed just like any other skill set.  But you wouldn't expect to become a great athlete overnight.   Would you?

That's why I've developed Master Classes.

I worked for 13 years in Politics and Law.  I spent five years in Washington D.C. working in national politics - first for a Senator and then as a lobbyist.  I've also worked in local politics in the U.S. and New Zealand - and have qualified in and practiced law in both countries.

This was an excellent training ground for learning what conflict looks like and how to deal with it more effectively (and how not to).  I also learned a whole lot about conflict within teams and how to step up - both as an employee and a leader.

It's important to move from Conflict to Collaboration so you're not butting heads all the time.  When you can put your heads together, you're far more likely to create solutions rather than focusing on problems. 

I'd like to help you and your business - so that business doesn't feel like a burden, and you can be happier at work and at home.

MASTER CLASS OPTIONS (These can be tailored to suit your business and your team)

These classes are designed to be part theory/part practice.  We'll cover the material and then practice the concepts - focusing on any unique issues for your team. 

1. Taking Leadership to the Next Level (Authentic Leadership)

Learn what conflict is (in a different way than you've thought about it before) and how you can deal with it more productively. 

  • Conflict Models
  • Why Does Conflict Happen? 
  • What Are Our Learned Responses to Conflict?
  • How to Change Those Responses to Effective Communication
  • Learn Violent v Non-Violent Communication
  • Learn the GROW Model
  • Learn the Breakthrough Strategy 
  • Unique Issues for Your Team
  • Implement and Practice


  • Unique Issues for Your Team
  • Implement and Practice

2. How to Manage more Mindfully

Learn HOW you can train your brain to:

  • Worry less
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase focus, motivation and productivity Increase emotional intelligence and cognitive intelligence
  • Increase creativity and happiness

Learn the science and data behind WHY mindfulness is good for you and your company:

  • Improves your emotional health (decreases stress hormones (cortisol) and increases serotonin and GABA (anti-anxiety neurotransmitter)
  • Makes your brain bigger! (growth in the frontal cortex)
  • Reduces workplace conflict (improves relationships because you learn to communicate without reacting)
  • Helps you handle stress more effectively
  • Increases your bottom line (because you are more focused, less stressed and your brain is not as tired)


  • Unique Issues for Your Team
  • Implement and Practice

* These classes are generally 5-6 people but can be more as long as everyone can split into groups.  They are small so we can focus on the specifics of your organisation, and work on any particular unique issues.  We work on concepts and theory but we also work on practicalities and realities.  Both are important.

** Contact me for pricing details.