Businesses don't grow.  People grow.  So when you invest in you and your team,  you create a culture shift AND you increase your bottom line.  It's a win/win. When leaders and teams are less stressed, they focus.  Therefore, they are more productive.  It's common sense, but it takes a real leader to recognise this -  and it takes intent to create a culture in which that can happen. 

EQ can be developed just like any other skill set.  But you wouldn't expect to become a great athlete overnight.   Would you?  That's why I offer training on dealing with change, difficult conversations, conflict resolution, resilience/general wellness and mindfulness (yes, it really is all it's cracked up to be!) 

You can choose from the following or I am happy to come in and talk to you about what your team needs specifically.

These can be one off Lunch and Learns or a series for your business.

1)Mindfulness.  What is it?  And How Can It Help Me and My Business?

- Learn how you can train your brain to worry less, reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus, motivation and productivity, increase emotional intelligence and cognitive intelligence and increase creativity and happiness.  Sound too good to be true?  It's not. I cover the science and data behind WHY mindfulness is good for you and your company including that it improves your emotional health, makes your brain bigger! (growth in the frontal cortex), reduces workplace conflict (improves relationships because you learn to communicate without reacting) and so much more. 

2)Stress Reduction and Coping Strategies

- Healthy coping strategies for stress reduction and long-term resiliency.  This includes self-care, gratitude practices, connection with family and friends, regular exercise, giving back and mindfulness. Many of these are simple reminders of things people already know are good for them. I think it’s important to mention them but more than that to emphasise that not only are they important, they are vital to longevity in a stressful business environment. I also go into why people don’t do them and how they can start and maintain a sustainable wellbeing practice.

3)Conflict Resolution

- Learning how and why conflict occurs is integral to learning how to deal with it differently. In order to change our conflict response, it is useful to understand what causes it so we can change our frame of reference for the future. I provide the context first and then strategies and tools people can use in instances of conflict to ensure a better outcome for both parties.  Useful for customer relations and every day team interactions. 

4)Difficult Conversations

- While it may not turn into conflict, we all have to engage in conversations that feel difficult sometimes.  In this presentation, I cover how to handle them with skill, empathy and courage.   You'll learn when and how to start, how to ensure you don't bring unnecessary baggage to the table, how to manage your emotions, how to really listen and be heard, and how to preserve the relationship. 

5)Change and How we Can Deal with it Differently

- Change is hard, and most of us don’t cope all that well with it. When we are thrown into chaos we generally struggle, but it can also be a massive opportunity for new insights and perspectives if we can figure out how to lean into it and use it as a catalyst for growth and development. I cover the Change Cycle, our usual response (negative bias), and how we can turn it around. 

6)Finding Your Strengths

- Knowing that we have strengths, talents and something special to offer the world gives us a sense of purpose and meaning. It is a key driver in happiness at work. I focus on a strengths based approach - when we can identify our strengths we can start to flick the switch that automatically takes us to our weaknesses and focus on the inherent qualities that make us who we are ... and use them to our greatest benefit. This doesn't mean we eliminate our weaknesses entirely but it means we can learn to manage around them much more effectively.  I use several different profiles for this - it depends on what suits your business best.

How do I know this stuff?

I worked for 13 years in Politics and Law.  I spent five years in Washington D.C. working in national politics - first for a Senator and then as a lobbyist.  The rest of the time I worked in local politics in the U.S. and New Zealand - and have qualified in and practiced law in both countries.

This was an excellent training ground for learning what conflict looks like and how to deal with it more effectively (and how not to).  I also spent some time in HR, managing an office of 20 people.  This was a fantastic education on how to step up - both as an employee and a leader - and to see how great teams work together.

And then my training and work as a life coach (as well as my yoga and meditation practice) changed just about everything I knew about being happy, empathetic and courageous.  I bring it into everything I do. 

Also, you don't just have to take my word for it. There's now a whole lot of data that I'm excited to share with you about how having a well team can impact your team and your bottom line - positively. 

I'd like to help you and your business - so that business doesn't feel like a burden, and you can be happier at work and at home.