1 hour session - $100

1.5 Hour session - $150


6 session package (1.5 hour sessions): $810 (must be paid up front)

Revolutionary Life Coaching New Zealand

Video Sessions

Not here in Queenstown? No problem, I offer sessions over video chat to out of town clients and traveling locals. Just because we are separated by distance does not mean that our meetings will be any less important or therapeutic. 


People want tools they can take away.  I want that too! Here's a sample of what I use and what I will teach you to use yourself.

I'm a meditation, mindfulness and yoga practitioner myself and have been for 13 years. These are powerful practices to keep all our bodies healthy  – emotional, physical, mental and spiritual - and they play a big role in the coaching. 

Also, I use elements of counselling, psychology, NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming), and identifying and changing thought patterns (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).  We'll also likely do some energy work and healing emotional blocks.  Basically we just tap into what you already know. 

All of these tools help you to reclaim your own power. It never left you.  You just have to find it.

Revolutionary Life Coaching - New Zealand

Revolutionary Life Coaching - New Zealand Life Coach


I was coached (for 6 years off and on) and then trained for 2 more years (which entailed both practice and theory).  I hold a diploma in Holistic Life Coaching. I get regular supervision just like any counselling professional. It's important to me that I am highly professional and that my training is to an excellent standard, so that I can in turn offer that experience to my clients.

If this sounds like you, get in touch!


A big part of any counselling or coaching is valuing yourself enough to pay for it.  That's important.  That being said, I recognise that people face financial difficulty and hardship and I am happy to discuss this with you.  Please call or email to set up a time.

 *All prices are based on $NZD. If you are outside New Zealand, please visit  International payment option is Pay Pal. 

Revolutionary Life Coaching - New Zealand Life Coach