• 2-4 March at Camp Taringatura, Southland, NZ 

    • JOIN myself, Kate Watkinson (Thrive Yoga), Rebecca Thomas-Squires (Your Studio) and Jane Murray (Food Heals) to explore living your life with Joy, Purpose and Authenticity.
    • I can promise amazing food, fresh air, yoga, time to yourself and building beautiful connections with other women.  Can you think of anything better?




    • 16-18 March 2018, Moke Lake, Queenstown

    • Join me and an awesome line-up of educators, practitioners, artists and musicians for yoga, mindfulness, meditation, dance and and a re-balancing of all you are and want to be.  

      I'll be talking about my own experience with labels  – woman, eating disorder, anxiety, depression, success- and how
      I moved beyond them to find purpose and contentment.  And more importantly, how you can too. 


    • 6-8 February 2019, Queenstown (more details coming soon)
      • WITH Wilhemeena Monroe (Yoga Teacher), Peter Fernando (Meditation Teacher) and Sonia Voldseth ( Life Coach)
        • ilhemeena's background as choreographer, director, filmmaker and dancer gives her a unique perspective to what she's taught for the past 15 years in yoga, dance holistic health and wellbeing.  She shows up as a real person in all, and embraces her vulnerability. 
        • Peter's background as a Thai Forest monk  (9 years) as well as his experience with chronic illness (author of Finding Freedom in Illness) gives him both a theoretical and practical understanding of being vulnerable.  He lives and teaches it with intellect, humour and compassion. 
        • Sonia's background in corporate law and politics showed her that invulnerability creates conflict, difficult conversations, and misunderstandings. Now she teaches finding the strength in vulnerability. She's also passionate about reducing stigma around mental health, including her own experience.