Real life can feel real hard. Messy relationships, sucky jobs, heartbreak, trauma, and dreams that bit the dust.

I get it. And all this advice about happiness just feels … fishy. Well, some of it’s great. Some of it’s not.

Here’s what I think. If you keep chasing happiness, you’ll never find it. If you really want it, you might have to look at it differently.

Maybe more like contentment. Like expecting joy - really, truly expecting joy. But also learning how to cope with what life throws your way without getting tossed around so much.  Like easing into the hot bath of chaos instead of resisting it.

Dark times can be a sucky kind of catalyst.  The thing that makes you think differently. An invitation to step further into yourself.

And an opportunity to find an acceptance you never knew was possible.

You just have to make the first move.

You can learn to show up differently - whether it's in your personal life, as a leader, or whatever role you happen to be playing. Join Me. 

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Sonia Voldseth - Life coaching New Zealand