How Can I Trust My Body When Food Feels So Scary?

We have become scared of our bodies.
We have become scared of food.
We have a horrific good food/bad food phenomenon going in Western culture.
We have access to such a rich variety of nutritious and wonderful food.
We also have access to a whole lot of media, studies and articles telling us what’s ‘bad’ and what’s ‘good’.
Sugar’s out. Processed food is out. Gluten’s out.  Gluten’s back in.  Fat’s out. Fat’s in. Fish oil is in. Fish are not being fished sustainably. Raw food is good.  Raw food is hard to digest. Blueberries should only be eaten with raw almonds on an empty stomach immediately after taking your probiotic.

Overwhelming at best.
Add to that the pervasive messages about what your body SHOULD look like, it’s no wonder we FORGOT HOW TO TRUST THEM TO TELL US WHAT AND WHEN TO EAT.
We’ve become scared they (we) will become sick. We’ve become scared they (we) will get fat. We’ve become scared they (we) will age (they will and we will). We’ve become afraid they (we) will sag.
What if we could learn NOT to be scared of our bodies?
What if we could learn NOT to be scared of food?
This is not a short term process, because what has led to it has been most of our lives.
Learning to TRUST our bodies again to let them tell us what they need, at what time is difficult and takes time.  

But here's a few tips to get you/keep you going:

  1. Listen to the fear and the guilt. Let them know you acknowledge and appreciate them, but that you don’t need them right now. 
  2. When you get stuck in fear and guilt, do not berate yourself.  Berating yourself is never helpful. 
  3. Similarly, if you find yourself berating yourself, forgive yourself.  Forgiving yourself is ALWAYS useful. 
  4. Keep trying to tune into what your body is telling you.  When it comes to cravings for things we have come to believe are unhealthy, this is hard.  But what if you could just give yourself permission to eat whatever your body craves?  This will bring up more guilt, probably, yes.  But often, when you give yourself permission, your body doesn't crave what is not good for it anymore.  It's generally the deprivation and the denial that keep the cravings going.  This is a practice in TRUSTING your body instead of being afraid of it.  Yes, a practice because it will be up and down.  But it's worth it to keep trying.
  5. Forgive yourself.  I know I've already said this, but it bears repeating.  Over and over. To develop a beautiful relationship with our bodies, we have to forgive where we've been (deprivation, self-hatred, fear, guilt, not trusting) and be ready to forgive ourselves over and over in any moment.

This takes time, and patience, and practice. We keep trying. We keep turning back to love – of ourselves and the body we are in.
I’m cheering for you. Lots of Body Love, Sonia