Endings and Beginnings - Our Capacity to Rise

Endings and beginnings. 

It's the season to ponder what we've done, what we've left undone (around Christmas?!) and what we want to do moving forward. 

Traditionally, I've needed to do the Daily Grinch Check due to my issues around what I consider excess consumerism. This year, more magic has found its way in.  I'm letting things be.  

I've also not been a fan of New Year's Resolutions.  I prefer New Year's REVolutions - a way for us to nurture self-love throughout the year, using our goals as a springboard, rather than another way to beat ourselves up if we don't meet them. 

This year, a middle ground, a much more fertile ground -  has arrived.  Ouroboros.

Ouroboros is a Greek word that symbolises introspection and the infinite cycle of nature's endless creation and destruction, life and death.

Pretty cool, huh? If I was going to get another tattoo (I'm not), this might be it.

The symbol of Ouroboros is a serpent or dragon eating its own tail.  Before the alphabet was invented, Egyptians used this symbol as the calendar - it meant the year recurring on itself.


Aspects of this symbol have been found in Greek magical tradition, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, alchemy, Norse mythology, Jungian psychology, yoga (kundalini) and Samsara (Buddhism and Hinduism).  For many, it sums up the end and the beginning, over and over again.  

We are in a constant state of re-birth (change).  We enter periods of chaos - chosen (self-destruction) or not chosen - and we might fall victim to that chaos. We may feel that life is not fair, that we don't deserve what's happened, and that there is no way out. 

But there is another option.  We can re-create.  We can rise from the ashes (like the Phoenix - another powerful tale), and we do. Again and again. Humans are pretty great like that.  

We have the capacity to bring about creation from destruction every time. It may take time. It usually does.  But remembering the possibility is key to it being possible at all. 

The end of this year can be a destruction of all that no longer serves you.  An acceptance and a letting go, all at the same time.

And as we enter a new year .... it can be a rising. No matter what's happened, no matter what you've done or left undone, you can create something new out of what has been. It's powerful stuff.  

Keep going. Remember the possibility.  Remember that you have the power to make it happen. Remember that you are enough.

And, as always .... keep moving toward your dreams, love and the healthy pursuit of happiness,