From Eating Disorder to Diagnosis of Chronic Anxiety & Depression, Sonia Voldseth Found Self Love

I was asked by the inspirational author Neary Heng to share my story about overcoming. You'll know I don't believe in labels defining us, and we talked a whole lot about that.  

Neary's own inspirational story about overcoming unimaginable challenges growing up in the Killing Fields, Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge regime, and her subsequent quest for fulfilment and purpose, is a testament to what we can achieve. 

Together we created a Podcast in two parts. Click on the play button below to hear parts 1 and 2: 

Part 1 deals primarily with the crappy messaging all women deal with around our bodies and finding body love - wherever you're at in your journey.

Part 2 looks at why we shouldn't treat our mental health any differently than our physical health, reducing stigma, and how to love yourself through mental health challenges - particularly anxiety and depression.

You are seen. You are heard. You are understood.  You've got this.