You are So Much More Than You Think You Are

You are so much more than you think you are.  You have unlimited potential, gifts to share, and a hopeful life to live.

We all do. But we hold ourselves back.  We settle. We troll ourselves by being mean and spiteful in our heads.

The troll tells us we're not good enough, we're too much, that we're the labels we carry, or that dream is for someone else. 

This is not true of course, and we have an inkling that it's not.  There's an anti-troll in there that allows us to continue to believe in goals, to make resolutions and to believe we deserve more, even if we're not sure how to get it. 

For a long time I set goals incessantly and met many of them through sheer willpower and stubbornness.  I was driven and miserable.  It turns out this isn't the most effective or sustainable way to go about things. 

Then I stopped setting goals, thinking they were only for driven, determined folks full of self-hatred who were never going to see the truth of who they are. That wasn't it either.

Now I'm trying to stand on a middle ground. 

I have big goals.  I'm thinking you do too. 

What I know now is that we can aim for a healthy sense of respect for what we offer - whatever that is -  without it becoming the source of our self-worth. 

We can let Source drive us instead.  We participate and work and recognise our highest potential, but it comes from a different place.  We can still dream big, and we should, because that's part of what makes life special.

The trick is letting go of more outcomes and trusting that we are enough. Telling the troll (often) to get back under the bridge because we've got things to do.

This new year gives you a chance to play with that.  To find who you really are and to sustain it from a different place. 

The only lasting foundation for a fulfilled life is self-love. Find it, keep returning to it, and you cross any bridge and do anything you set your mind to.  I believe in you. 

Keep going. Keep moving toward love and the healthy pursuit of happiness,