The Glorification of Busy and How It's Making Us Exhausted

At just about every coffee shop or supermarket line I've been in for the past couple years, people no longer ask "How are you?" Instead they ask, "You busy?"

Busy is the new buzz word, and I've had so many conversations lately with people who are sick of being so busy, so run down, and so exhausted but also aren't sure how to get off the hamster wheel.  We can get so caught up in the hustle, it's hard to see a way out. 

But see a way out we must, because the glorification of busy is killing us.  Killing our relationships (with ourselves and our partners), killing our creativity and killing our spirit. And in many cases, it is actually causing serious physical health issues.

It's making us tired, irritable and unable to be present with the people we love the most.  We've somehow started to believe that free time or down time is just for people who are lazy.  That if we get off the wheel, we won't be able to get back on. That if we aren't available all the time, we might miss out.

We might miss out.  But what are we missing out on if we don't stop and look around once in a while?

The voice that whispers "If you don’t do more, you might be less" is just trying to bring you down. Ignore that voice.  

There is a tipping point for all of us.  If you are experiencing resentment at being so busy or can't see a way out and think endlessly about it – you’ve defaulted into what I call sacrifice overdraft. 

We all know what that feels like.  Like you've got nothing else to give.  

Remembering to give to yourself first is hard.  It really is.  But it has to start with you.  If you're not filled up,  you can't do the amazing work you're meant to do in this world.

We need space in our days to meditate, to think creatively and to just relax. It might be 10 minutes to do a re-charge meditation. It might be 5 minutes to stare into space. It might be 10 minutes with a cup of tea or going to lunch with a friend. We easily forget these are the things that re-charge us, that bring us joy.  

But I'm pretty sure more joy is supposed to be the long-term game of being on this earth.  It's not to have "She was super busy" written on your headstone. 

So give yourself permission. You definitely have mine. 

Keep going (with enough rest to keep you going).  And keep moving toward love and the healthy pursuit of happiness.

 Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash