New Year 2019

I hope you got some breathing room over these holidays.  If you're a local working in hospitality in Queenstown, you're probably still waiting for your break - and I hope you get it soon!  I've given myself the gift of more time and space to rejuvenate than ever before, and I've really appreciated it.

As I age, time seems to go faster and faster. I think for many of us the world seems to be spinning ever faster with all the information, all the technology and all the demands put on each of us - either by others or an internal pressure.

So it becomes even more important in these times to carve out time for self-reflection.  These aren't resolutions; these are making space to take stock in a very real way.  Why should you do it?  Because the energy of the New Year gives each of us the opportunity to set different intentions. And it's not too late.  Here are some examples you might like to use:

How do I want to show up?  For myself?  For the people I love? In my business?  (Do I want to be more content, calmer, to stop gossiping, rest more, love more or be more purposeful about my life?)

How am I going to spend more time caring for myself? (Building in more time for self-reflection, replacing energy expenditure with joy, re-starting my meditation or yoga practice, exercising more, doing things I enjoy?)

How am I going to leap this year?  Is there something I've been putting off that I really want to do?

What do I need to let go of?

Do I want to value my time more?

Do I want to play bigger? What is stopping me from playing bigger and how am I going to work through that? 

And the biggie ... Who do I really want to be? 

These questions take time.  Time you probably think you don't have.  But it's worth it to make the time if you really want this year to be any different.

Let me know if you want any help with any of them. 

Keep going. And keep moving toward love and the healthy pursuit of happiness,

Carpe Diem,