Before 2018 wraps up, I just wanted to remind you of a few things: 

  • You are incredible. It's easy to get caught up in life and busy and the next thing - and to forget how awesome you are.  No one hears this enough!

  • You've already come so far.  We too often forget to look back and see how much of the mountain we've already climbed. You've persevered and made amazing progress.  It doesn't matter how twisty the path has been - it matters that you kept climbing. 

  • You matter. To people that know you and people that don't. It's easy to think that what you do and why you're here doesn't make a difference, but I can assure you it does. 

This last post of this year is the shortest I've ever written, but I just wanted to remind you of those three things - and to ask you to carry them with you into next year. 

Thank you for allowing me to show up in your inbox each month.  I'm truly honoured, and I look forward to re-joining you here in 2019.  Until then ... 

Keep going.  Keep showing up.  And keep moving toward love and the healthy pursuit of happiness,