Valentine's Day, Schmalentine's Day

Valentine's Day.  Some people love it, some people don't.  You can probably tell from the subject line of this email where I'm at.

I see it as a minefield of marketing, and a glitter heart filled explosion of expectation.  It's also a hopelessly confusing equation of love and its supposed direct relationship to money - spent on dinner, flowers or jewellery.   

And when that equation doesn't equal expectations, it can become a deep, dark dive into self loathing and another I'm not enough- often manifesting in resentment at the partner who didn't deliver.

It's a beautiful thing to be adored, appreciated, acknowledged and affirmed.  Every one of us deserves that.  Every single day.  If you love Valentine's Day for the celebration of that then good on you. 

I just wonder if we put too much pressure on February 14th to provide it.  Something to think about.

However you feel about this particular day of love, I'm inviting you to appreciate yourself more every day for everything you've been through and everything you've done to be better. Forgive yourself for the stuff you wish hadn't happened. Know that you belong.

And always ... keep moving toward love and the healthy pursuit of happiness,

Noho ora mai (stay well, look after yourself, all the best),


P.S.  You might notice that my newsletters are getting shorter.  This is because a) My practice is really busy and I don't have the time to write that I'd like (but I am doing something I love!) and b) Just about everyone's attention span is getting shorter -  including mine. I hope you continue to get value out of them - go well til next time.