I worked with Sonia during a time when I was going through many major changes in my life both personally and professionally. I found her approach incredibly refreshing and loved the combination of Eastern and Western practices and techniques she brought to each session. Sonia is a warm, intelligent and generous woman and I am grateful to have connected with her at just the right time in my life. The work we did was very individualised and focussed around the specific goals or challenges I wanted covered and overall it felt as though I made huge progress and experienced significant personal growth through the whole process with Sonia.

- Nicky Riches, HR Professional, Christchurch


I connected with Sonia during a particularly difficult time in my life, riddled with destructive thoughts, anxiety and uncertainty about the future. Sonia helped me to discover the heart of my issues and regain my self-confidence and will to live. She guided me in my decision to go on medication, and I am eternally grateful - they have helped me to get 'unstuck' so that I could effectively work on my issues using the tools and exercises Sonia taught me. She is an extraordinarily compassionate, patient and supportive person - her belief in her clients is tangible. I left every session feeling lighter, and I genuinely believe that Sonia's faith in me helped me to restore faith in myself. 

- Anna Geiserman, Medical Recruitment, Social Worker, Hiker, Traveller, Queenstown NZ


Sonia has practical, achievable and intelligent solutions to solving problems which allowed me to rise above and gain a positive perspective. She allows you to voice everything in a safe environment even if you repeat yourself a million times and always guides you to start processing thought in a productive manner.  You will be reassured quickly that Sonia has a good understanding of what she is talking about and how she can help you.  You will definitely come away with more insight and much much more.

- Name Withheld for Privacy


Each session with Sonia I walk away having learnt something about myself and feel a weight lifted off my shoulders. Sonia has a friendly and patient demeanour, putting you right at ease from the beginning. A wealth of knowledge, Sonia has been so extremely helpful in my journey, I cannot thank her enough!

Emma Waller ~ Adventure enthusiast, Queenstown NZ

When I decided to see Sonia, I was feeling very confused in my life. I was experiencing anxiety and a sort of depression again, plus, I had recently moved to New Zealand from another country which was hard.  We worked through topics that I chose and every single session was significant and successful, because I learnt a lot about myself. I think we all have our answers inside, but sometimes we need to be open to go into deep emotions to heal our present. That's what my sessions were about. 

I felt very comfortable talking to Sonia, sharing my experiences and doing exercises to have a healthy lifestyle. I'm a very happy client, thanks again Sonia for teaching me and giving me a lot of tools to heal myself.

Luz Gambarte ~ World Traveller, Dreamer, Queenstown, NZ

Sonia brought emotions out of me that I didn’t consciously know I was struggling with and got me to confront everything I was running away from. She helped me heal old scars and used them to work through the issues I had going on in the present with compassion and belief in me. The progress I made and the tools I learned with Sonia were everything I could have asked for and more. 

Kate Roberge ~ Photographer, Dancer,  Love Warrior, Queenstown, NZ

Sonia was really easy to follow and I loved that we jumped right into the work each time and made a ton of progress.

Sarah Hereim ~ Mother, Life Coach, Mental Health Advocate.  Montana, USA


Sonia’s holistic methods fitted perfectly with my feelings and other treatments following serious issues with depression and anxiety. With Sonia’s friendly guidance and open nature, I’ve made fantastic progress and have learned many new techniques. You are a fantastic coach, Sonia, and I thank you with all my heart.

 Ian Moore ~ Engineer, Mental Health Help Volunteer. Queenstown, NZ

Sonia is passionate, sincere and humorous and I firmly believe that she offers something that all of our minds and in turn behaviours can benefit from, regardless of what stage we are at.

Ginny Kennedy ~ Farmer, Wellness Warrior. Halfway Bay, NZ

Sonia’s wisdom, support and unwavering belief in me has helped me focus on my dreams in life. The sessions came with effective strategies that helped me with my confidence and my self belief. I re-evaluated where I was and where I was going. A very happy client.

Paul Ashworth ~ Web Developer, Nature Enthusiast. Waiheke Island, NZ