Individual and Leadership Coaching:

It depends. I know that's vague but it does depend on what's going on for you, whether or not you've done anything like this before, and what you're struggling with.

I offer 6 or 10 session packages.  That way you know how long you are coming and you can commit fully to the process.  

I also offer maintenance coaching because life happens.  


I heard a quote once.  "Issues are like belly buttons.  We all have them."  Not everyone is brave enough to admit that, or courageous enough to seek a better life.  That's okay.  But you are and you should stand by that.


No.  It does not matter.  As humans we like to label beliefs, but my belief is that we should stop doing that.  I could care less if you are an atheist, an agnostic, a Christian, a Muslim, a Sufi, a Jew, a Woo Woo, or anything else.  I'll speak to you as best I can in a way that resonates with you.  I'm not trying to be everything to everyone.  I just don't feel any need to push my beliefs on you. All I want to do is to help you remember how amazing you are - in whatever way that works for you.  That's what it's all about. 


If you’ve done your best in the sessions, completed all the homework, and still feel you have gained nothing from the coaching, then I will gladly give you your money back. That's coming from a former lawyer, so that's a pretty big claim for me to make.  Just get back to me within 3 months of completing the coaching, and I'll happily refund your money.  I believe that strongly in what I offer. If you’re ready and you do the work, the process works.


Diploma in Holistic Life Coaching: Of all my degrees, I’m the most proud of this one. It changed my life positively (IN A MASSIVE WAY) and allows me to do that for others.

THE SPECIFICS: Breath and energy, somatic body work/healing, meditation and mindfulness, mind/body connection, and counselling and contemplative psychotherapy principles.  That might mean something to you, or it might sound like a bunch of hocus pocus. Basically, it’s a bunch of tools that taken together = awesome results.

I worked with my coach for 6 years. Then I did my 2 year diploma. Now my coach is my supervisor (all counsellors and psychologist have a supervisor - I believe all life coaches should too). He’s been doing this work for close to 35 years - seen and heard just about everything - and he’s very wise.

Lawyer/Lobbyist/Policy Advisor: I hold two law degrees - one in the U.S. and also here in NZ .  I worked in Washington D.C. for 5 years - for a Senator and then as a fancy lobbyist.  That background allows me to see things differently and examine all sides of an issue (cos’ there’s always more than two). I get corporate and now I understand human potential. Getting the best out of yourself or your team isn’t rocket science. You just have to know how to do it. I do, which makes me a great business coach. I’m also a proud altMBA alumni . The altMBA is a program developed by Seth Godin for high-performing individuals who want to level up and lead. And.. I’m a proud B-School grad (with Marie Forleo).

Counselling, Psychology, Neuroscience, Etc: You know how some women try to hide their shopping from their husbands? I try to hide my book and course purchases. On the Clifton Strengths profile, one of my top 5 is Learner. I’m not happy if I’m not learning. I usually read a book a week: on coaching, psychology, empathy, the brain, spirituality. Fiction when I’m on holiday! I’ve listed a few of my faves here.

Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness: These are the MOST important practices. No one gets fancy letters for doing them, but they are the most transformational. I’ve been practicing now for 14 years. I’ll keep practicing til’ I’m gone. They’re game-changers.

Some of the on-site training I've done.

Practical Application of the Latest Discoveries from Neuroscience - with Dr John Arden (Psychologist)

Brain Development and Learning - with Nathan Mikaere Wallis (Child Counsellor, Developmental Expert and Teacher)

Depression and Suicide Prevention in Men - with Barry Taylor (NZ Suicide Expert)

How to Work With the Patterns that Sustain Depression - with NICABM (National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine)

Women's Wisdom - with Nianna Bray (Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Women’s Empowerment Teacher)

Ashtanga Yoga - with Kiri Sutherland (Travelling Yogi and Teacher)

Ashtanga Yoga - with Kim Roberts (Yoga Teacher, Contemplative Psychotherapist, Mental Health Reformist)

Meditation and Breathing Retreat - with Clement McGrath (Transformation Coach, Creator of Miracles and Mastery)

Mythology Archetypes Retreat - with Clement McGrath and Voni Dyson (Transformation Coach)

*** I'd love to pass on what I've learned in a way that's relevant to you.  For more information, get in touch!